Logo design that moved us.

Matrix gave us a fantastic opportunity to brand one of its new products, Kinetica. This innovative impact absorption system is the first of its kind and needed branding to match. In collaboration with the very talented Ian Bird, we came up with this.

LWP will pay your mortgage.

This was a great retail offer from LWP Property Group that we wanted to promote as energetically as possible. With a deal this good, who wouldn't do a little happy dance once they took advantage of it? We created a multimedia campaign that was originally slated to run for eight weeks. However, the promotion and the creative did such a good job, we kept it going for an extra two months. Cue the happy dance!

Julio's sounds epic.

When Julian Douglas-Smith opened his new studio, we were keen to help build the Julio's Studio brand. So we called up Simon Westlake, did a little shoot and put together this print campaign. If you want epic audio that's full of drama, head to Julio's.

The future Matrix.

Following on from launching two websites for Matrix, we have continued to develop the company's new brand style. Here are some posters that encapsulate the new look that positions Matrix as a truly innovative engineering company. 

Say cheese.

Mmm, we like cheese. We also like photographing cheese. And crackers and pasta and pate and even dukkah. Thanks to Blue Cow for letting us shoot their lovely products (and for letting us eat them afterwards).

LWP's great people.

LWP's estates aren't just about land and houses, they are about communities. This latest campaign for LWP had us out an about talking to the families who make up LWP's many communities. And what great families they are! Big thanks to them for being awesome talent and featuring in the campaign that included radio, print and digital. Great stuff!

Matrix Matrix.

We're really happy with two new websites we designed for Matrix. The corporate site was created as an umbrella site for the Matrix company. The product site is just that, a website that promotes Matrix's many products and services. This site also marks a new direction in the brand's design, one that is more dynamic and sleek. You can check-out the websites at matrixengineered.com and matrix-corp.org.

The NYC gown.

Bear In Black's very own Stef Langton took a series of photographs to showcase Ang Lang's The NYC gown in a limited edition fabric. The shoot took place in the wee hours at City Beach.

Jurien Bay Time.

We created a marketing campaign for land development company, Ardross Group, with a major difference – it’s not about selling land! Given the current economic climate and the fact that people know little about Jurien Bay, we decided we needed a campaign for the town because what’s good for Jurien Bay is good for future land sales. We commissioned Simon Westlake to take a series of images that are being showcased in various media, including a new website: jurienbaytime.com. The concept, Jurien Bay Time, positions Jurien Bay as a place where you can enjoy an old school holiday - like the ones you had as a kid. The campaign has already generated a lot of publicity with articles in The West and Business News, an Alston cartoon parody, and interviews on 6PR and Nova.

Radio passion.

McIntosh & Son sell and service great machines. In fact, the machines are so good, they will make anyone using them love their job. This series of radio ads marks the start of a year-long brand campaign designed to raise the profile of this great WA company. We're certainly passionate about doing that.

Hide yer puddins.

When Christmas rolled around again we thought it would be a treat to send our friends a delicious pudding. But what's Christmas without a Christmas tale? Each pudding was accompanied with the terrible tale of the Pudding Bear. As the wise say, "Beware, beware the Pudding Bear". Thanks to Jade Foo for the lovely illustrations.

Live it up north!

Jurien Bay Village is a great place for those over 55 to retire ... except it needed a bit of a marketing refresh. And refresh we did, starting with the brochure, press, banner ads, postcards and building a new website. Must have done the trick because after a long time, the homes are now selling!

Different strokes.

We redesigned a magazine! Brushstrokes is the trade magazine for Master Painters & Decorators Australia, and it was in need of a good spruce up to make it more interesting to read. We did a complete redesign, came up with a theme and wrote articles. It's been really well received.

Mad skills.

This was a fun little job for MPA Skills to help promote their painting apprenticeship courses to young people already in the construction industry. We produced these A2 sized posters that were constructed from Coreflute and die-cut to give the appearance of stencils. They were then placed in and around Perth construction sites. 

Serena Williams meets Braziliano.

It's not often you get a tennis superstar to endorse your product, but that's exactly what happened at the Hopman Cup! Serena Williams downed a Braziliano espresso and went on to win her match after losing the first set 6-0. The following day we popped this ad in The West.

A wooden DM campaign.

John Powell is one of Perth's most innovative furniture designers and how best to get his name out to architects than with an innovative direct mail piece. This series of four postcards is printed on wood and was sent out over the course of a week.